Cowabunga dude!

I don’t know how many times this has been on my blog but I shall forever reblog it!

Lastest toy session

I haven’t played with my toys in the past two weeks because of an illness but today I was feeling up to it. I only have two toys: a Spritz, small and firm, and a Ridley, small and soft, and a whole lot of lube. I’ve never been much of a fan of the Spritz but today I really found I love it the most or at least having a suction cup. I found a table with three legs, put Spritz in the middle of it and rode it like a horse. Holy molly. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so good in my life. I was moaning in seconds. I wanted to bounce up and down on that thing harder than I possible could. I’m still out of breath. I didn’t knot it, for some reason I can’t get it on all in me, but I must have rode it for half an hour, at least. My cock was floppy all of the place as I slammed my tight ass into Spritz’s huge cock and could only imagine how turned on he was as I moaned for more: harder, faster, deeper. I wanted all of it inside of me. If I had a cum tube and could feel Spritz’s cum inside of me from pleasuring him, I’d be a happy little sex toy but sadly I do not. I might need to invest in one though. I love my Spritz now. That sea dragon can fuck me whenever he wants.


Ok, everyone that is someone knows that BD is doing away with 5 TOYS BY THIS FRIDAY.

~~”Ok so what does this mean to me?”~~

Simple. I want to buy a lucky someone a soon to be retired toy, FO FREE!

-1 lucky winner will get one toy of their choice, size/color/options, for free! (A $60 to ~$275…


Juelz Ventura wanted to get gaped….she got it


Your girlfriend likes my tongue better than your cock <3



I loved trying on clothes with Kennedy



The tits of the hour


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